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Dennis Miller Bio | Wiki

Dennis Miller is an award-winning journalist currently working as a talk show host, political commentator, sports commentator, actor, and comedian.

He began his career in 1985 and has been working in the industry ever since. In his free time, Dennis loves traveling, hiking, reading novels, and especially spending time with his beautiful wife and two sons. Dennis participates in his community by involving himself in charity organizations that help the needy and less fortunate.

Dennis Miller Age

He was born on November 3, 1953, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Dennis is 67 years old.

Dennis Miller Height

He is a man of average stature. Dennis stands at a height of 5 ft 9 in (approx. 1.75m).

Dennis Miller's photo
Dennis’s photo

Dennis Miller Family | Mother

On November 3, 1953, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America to his loving mother, Norma, and an unknown father. Dennis’s parents separated while he was a young boy. Norma his mother provided for him and his four siblings. His mother worked as a Dietitian at a Baptist nursing home in Pennsylvania. More information about his mother shall be updated soon.

Dennis Miller Siblings

He grew up in a family of six alongside his four siblings. Comedy seems to be in the family since he is not the only one succeeding in the journalism career. Rich Miller, Dennis’s younger brother is currently the owner of RCM, which is an entertainment agency in the United States of America. His other brother Jimmy Miller is currently a Gold Miller manager, a comedy company in America. More details about his other siblings shall be updated as soon as we possibly can.

Dennis Miller Wife

He is happily married to his lovely wife Carolyn Espley. The couple’s marriage ceremony took place in 1988, in the United States of America. More details about his wife are currently unavailable. Hence his wife’s profession, where and when they met is not available at the moment but shall be updated.

Dennis Miller Sons

He is a proud father to his two sons; Holder Miller born in 1990 and Marlon miller born in 1993. Dennis has not shared more details about his sons, therefore, their profession, whereabouts, and occupation are not available at the moment. However, you shall be updated as soon as we acquire relevant information concerning the matter.

Dennis Miller Education

Dennis attended Saint Anne elementary school and proceeded to Keystone Oaks High School, where he graduated and later enrolled at Point Park University, in Pennsylvania. At the University, he studied, graduated in 1976, and was awarded his degree in journalism.

Dennis Miller On Snl

Dennis’s big breakthrough came in 1985 when he was discovered by Lorne Michaels at The Comedy Store. He auditioned for SNL in Los Angeles and was qualified for a second audition at Times Square in New York. About 70 people attended his second audition, which most of them were staff at the show.

He was later invited to dine with Jack Nicholson and Michaels. Dennis felt that this was just another aspect of his audition, to see if he could handle himself around famous people, so he sat quietly throughout dinner. After dinner, Michaels asked Dennis if he was interested in doing a show for him, and without hesitation, he accepted the offer.

Dennis landed a spot on Saturday Night Live, where he replaced Christopher Guest as the Weekend Update anchor. The spot was supposed to go to Jon Lovitz, but Lovitz was assigned to other parts of the show and needed the Update segment to do costume changes, so Dennis was allocated to reporting News.

Dennis had not been particularly political in his comedy before joining the Saturday Night Live but found that it came easy—he could open a newspaper and find a few headlines to build a new act around. He found out that those that had tried doing the Weekend Update segment as nice guys did not last very long in the role.

Hence Dennis decided to make his stage persona a bit sardonic. Dennis began his fictional news reports with “Good evening, and what can I tell ya?” and ended his reports with “Guess what, folks? That’s the news, and I… am… outta here!” Fans of Saturday Night Live became accustomed to his snarky delivery, and high-pitched giggle. In 1991, Dennis left Saturday Night Live and the anchor’s chair was turned over to Kevin Nealon.

Dennis Miller Monday Night Football

In June 2000, Dennis was hired as a color on ABC’s “Monday Football”, his hire was described by the Los Angeles Times as one of the bravest moves in the history of sports TV. Dennis was compared to a Cossel, they said that he was good and witty. On July 31, 2000, Dennis and his team began broadcasting the preseason in the Hall of Fame Game between San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriot.

On September 4, 2000, Dennis covered his first season and he was criticized that he sounded scripted, hence the show rating began declining. His show in 2001 recorded 16.8 million downloads that were a large drop from 18.5 million downloads of the previous years. and the USA started calling suggesting termination of his 3-year contract.

Although a year remained before his contract expired, ABC started negotiating with John Madden, who was an award-winning football commentator at the time. Madden was working at Fox as a sports commentator, Fox agreed to let him go. Madden signed a four-year contract that stated he was to receive $5 million annually, hence he replaced both Dennis and Fout. The two had to go back home.

Dennis Miller Live

In early 1994, Dennis launched his own show, “Dennis Miller Live”, which was a half-hour talk that aired on HBO. “Tears for Fears”, was his show’s main theme, the show talked about how Everybody Wants to Rule the World it also included a short video clip from “Civilized,” which was a song that was sung by the Rollins Band. The show only comprised Dennis in particular, where he spoke on a dark stage to an invisible audience.

Dennis only hosted one guest at each show, where he discussed the topic today. Initially, guests were interviewed live by satellite, but soon most started appearing live on studio. During the seasons of the show, Dennis and his writers were awarded five Emmy awards and had aired 215 episodes in nine years. However, HBO canceled Dennis’s show in 2002.

Dennis Miller House

Dennis’s recently bought a mansion in Montecito, California. His estate consists of a nearly occupies 6,400-square-foot Mediterranean compound built in 1986, with a four-bedroom main house, a three-bed guest structure, guardhouses, and equestrian stables — all of it situated on five contiguous, usable acres. It was previously owned by the University of Phoenix billionaire Peter Sperling.

Dennis Miller Fox News

On September 21, 2006, Dennis launched “Real Free Speech,” which was a two-and-a-half-minute commentary segment during his Hannity and Colmes program. In addition, Dennis also hosted “Miller Time,” which was a weekly segment at FOX News. Dennis featured on 13 of the 17 aired episodes of the comedy show The 1/2 Hour News Hour. He had a weekly segment called “Miller Time” on The O’Reilly Factor, and also appeared on Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld under the pseudonym “Mansquito,” a name Miller has pledged to use on future appearances on the network.

Dennis Miller Salary

He currently works in America as a journalist, therefore he receives a satisfactory amount of income. Dennis’s average salary is $105, 260 annually.

Dennis Miller Net Worth

Having been working in America as a talk show host, political commentator, sports commentator, actor, and comedian for over 40 years there is no doubt that he has successfully accumulated decently acquired wealth over the years. Dennis’s average net worth is $1,203,660.

How Old Is Dennis Miller

The veteran American journalist was ushered into this beautiful world by his amazing parents on November 3, 1953, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Therefore, Dennis is 67 years old.

Is Dennis Miller Married

Yes. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Carolyn Espley. The couple tied their knots in 1988, in the United States of America. Dennis and his wife are proud parents of their two children; Holder Miller born in 1990 and Marlon miller born in 1993.

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